What You Can Read to Keep Up With the Financial News

By Maddie Ellison We have put together a collection of helpful websites to help you keep up with important financial news and receive a concise summary or more in-depth commentary around the story. FT Alphaville (ftalphaville.ft.com). FT Alphaville is a free blog offered by the Financial Times (no membership required!) providing daily news and commentary surrounding the financial markets. Markets Live is a real-time markets discussion and commentary from FT editor Paul Murphy and markets reporter Bryce Elder. It is useful to understand what causes markets to move and for analysis of imp...

Short Overview of the Oil Industry in 2016

By Nigel Looi It has been an interesting year for oil. At the start of the year, oil prices show sign of recovery spurred on by two main reasons. Firstly, the prospect of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreeing to cut supplies gave investors the confidence that prices will soar. Secondly, due to weak US Gross Domestic Product growth data, the Federal Reserve had deferred thoughts of an early rate hike at the start of the year, which helped to establish a firmer stock market to support growth in oil prices.[1] As a result, Brent Crude Oil prices grew from a low of 27....

The Rise of Fintech

By Cheng Loong Neo Over the past few years, you might have constantly heard of the term Fintech or come across the term in your readings. It is the latest and most disputed technological revolution right now and it is no surprise that many companies and people are shifting their focus to it. Though Fintech basically means Financial Technology, its true meaning and application is beyond the literal sense of the word. It is the perfect marriage between the finance and technology sectors. Put it simply, if Silicon Valley and Wall Street had a baby, Fintech would be it. Having said all these, ...