Global Markets Club

The Global Markets Club is a student-led initiative aimed to provide students at the University of Manchester the opportunity to contribute trading and investment ideas/expertise. Whether you are a seasoned investor/trader or have no experience, MUTIS warmly encourages you to participate in this initiative. We have a total of 2 groups that follow two different strategies. The Long-Term Investing Group will be covering equities and following a value investing strategy. On the other side the Short-Term Trading Group aspires to profit as a result of broad economic trends and trades many types of assets including currencies, commodities and indices. The group’s overall strategy is focusing on near-term opportunities and establishing trading positions that are maintained for 1 to 30 days. The 2 groups will share the same weekly meeting of one hour, the first 40 minutes being dedicated to the Short-Term Trading Fund and the last 20 minutes being dedicated to the Long-Term Investing Fund.

Members will work closely with fund managers. Each member should see their fund manager as a mentor, a person they can go to if they need any help in investing/trading. The fund manager will understand what you want to achieve within the fund and provide you the opportunities to achieve it (related to investing/trading). Being involved in the macro fund will allow you to build and consolidate essential skills for your future career in finance while also gaining real-world experience that will add value to your CV.