Preparing for a career in finance


By Maddie Ellison

We have put together a collection of helpful websites to help you keep up with important financial news and receive a concise summary or more in-depth commentary around the story.

FT Alphaville ( FT Alphaville is a free blog offered by the Financial Times (no membership required!) providing daily news and commentary surrounding the financial markets.

Markets Live is a real-time markets discussion and commentary from FT editor Paul Murphy and markets reporter Bryce Elder. It is useful to understand what causes markets to move and for analysis of important news and often includes broker notes not available to the general public. It goes live from 3pm London time and each chat is archived and available for any-time access.

Rolling news and commentary is posted throughout the UK, EU and US trading day and gives readers quick alerts on important breaking news and guidance on where to read further analysis. This is helpful to keep up with the changes in the market throughout the day without having to look for and read full articles.

Three morning briefing notes, an email serviced published before the EU, US and Asia market open which gives a quick run-down of the key financial news and analysis. 

Finimize ( Finimize offers a daily Global European and Asian email explaining two key news stories in an easily digestible way and is useful to learn more about how to analyse news stories and apply them to the markets and bigger picture. Each email takes around 3-4 minutes to read and you can reply to the emails with questions. Scott Tindle, one of the Finimize co-founders, is giving a talk to MUTIS members on the 29th November!

Deal of the Week ( Pillars of Wall Street is a website offering courses designed to prepare you for a career in investment banking. The deal of the week resource provides a key banking deal each week, summarising key information, deal points and financial statistics. This is extremely useful to keep up-to-date with the world of investment banking and will provide you with numerous talking points for any interviews. We also post these deals in the MUTIS Google drive.

FT YouTube Chanel ( Free, short FT videos covering international business, finance, economic and political news, comment and analysis. They are quick to watch and provide a nice break from constant reading.


Useful websites to prepare for interviews: offers career advice, interview guides and modelling tests and is aimed towards careers in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, trading and venture capital. provides free information on news, markets and technical subjects and is useful for expanding your general finance knowledge. It also provides a free stock simulator and FX trading platform. contains articles covering careers in investment baking, hedge funds & asset management, private equity, sales & trading, venture capital, consulting etc. They have ‘day in the life’ interviews with people who work in banking to find out what they actually do and useful information on applications, interviews and tips while on the job.